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When you often think about insurance, there’s not a lot about it that can be considered fun. However, there are a few fun facts, interesting ideas, and aha moments that you can find in the insurance agency mount dora fl services. For starters, we all know Jackie Chan, who is an actor who is famous for doing most of his own stunts on camera.

insurance agency mount dora fl

He pays for his stunt team’s medical bills in case they are injured, and personally trains them himself. However, no insurance company will underwrite his protections on the stunts, because they are often very dangerous, so he simply does it himself and gives high quality to safety.

Second, people get insurance for a lot of crazy reasons in case they die unexpectedly. But as the age of cinema, and more specifically comedies rolled around in the 19th century, people got afraid of death by excessive laughter. While laughing yourself to death is more expression than something to be scared of, those people still bought insurance to cover their deaths!

For another crazy reason, the fear of being abducted by aliens happened as soon as the space creatures and UFO’s became popular. It still carries on today, and there is alien abduction insurance that has been around since the 1980s. If you can prove you were abducted by alien forces, you can be covered. If that’s not creepy enough, some insurance companies have paid claims and sold policies.

Maybe there’s something to that after all. Finally, when the Mir space station began to crash into the South Pacific Ocean, the restaurant chain Taco Bell promised to provide a free taco for everyone if the station crashed in a designated area. And they took out taco insurance to cover the risk! The station missed its target, but’s it’s something to chuckle over.

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