Stay Safe & Drive Legally in Orlando

Orlando drivers must carry car insurance on their vehicle to drive legally. It’s the law because auto insurance protects drivers and others who are on the roadways in the event of an accident. Without car insurance in place, you are illegally driving and committing a crime that could result in consequences such as driver’s license suspensions. Currently, Orlando drivers must hold an auto insurance policy that contains:

·    $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

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·    $10,000 Property Damage Protection

However, high amounts of coverage is available along with additional types of protection for anyone wants more than what is offered by the basic policy. Buying or leasing a new vehicle may cause the need to carry full coverage insurance, which includes coverage that protects the vehicle that you are in as well as the other drivers.

Some people look at insurance as nothing more than another bill each month, but the truth is, car insurance provides you with peace of mind that you are protected in the event of mishaps while you’re behind the wheel. Costs of coverage vary, so it’s important to compare rates before purchasing a policy.

Orlando drivers spend an average cost of $1,866 per year to insure their cars. Your rates can be more or less than this amount. Many factors determine how much you’ll spend to insure your car, including your age, type of car you drive, driving history, credit score, and more.

Compare car insurance orlando fl companies and rates before choosing a policy to get the best prices for your coverage. Many online calculators offer easy comparisons with the major auto insurers in the area. Never buy a policy until after you’ve compared and be sure to take advantage of any and all discounts that you find for coverage.